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Enjoying the Spring in Safety

Spring is finally in the air after one of the longest winters on record. With the flowers blooming and the sun showing itself again, it's time to get out into the fresh air with those close to you to enjoy the beginnings of a new season.

April saw the beginning of Easter, which for many children brought about the annual Easter egg hunt. Naturally, though, as a parent keeping children safe at this time of year, as for any other, is an important part of parenthood.

With the weather finally warming up it means that children will be outside for longer as the daylight hours stretch pass the early evening hours. As a result, parents need to make some changes to the way they keep an eye on their children to ensure they are safe regardless of where they are and what they are doing.

For those living in a community where neighbors know each other and are there on hand to spot a new person in the area this will make keeping your children safe from harm easier. However, that doesn't mean you should be any less complacent when it comes to their wellbeing regardless of where one lives.

Whether they are out collecting chocolate eggs on a hunt or playing with their friends down the road it pays to know what they are doing. In order to ensure their safety you should know where they will be, who they are with and when they plan on coming back home.

Check with the parents of the other children too to make sure that everything is above board. If the families live close by you may also want to consider restricting where they can go to; however, with restrictions in place children are more than likely going to want to go further than they are allowed just to be rebellious.

That doesn't mean you should give them free reign, but you should enforce the line without letting them know what you are doing.

If you are heading out with your children it is a good idea to have a conversation with them beforehand so that they know the danger signs to look out for when it comes to potential predators.

Inform them that their voices are powerful tools and that if they are confronted by someone they don't know they should raise the alarm to bring attention to the situation. This is particularly useful when it comes to large areas such as the park as children tend to run far and wide when exploring their surroundings.

Of course, when it comes to your child's safety it comes down to common sense. By taking steps beforehand you can ensure that measures have been put into place so that your children remain safe wherever they are.

Spring is finally here and with the warmer weather it means more time outside enjoying the fresh air, so keep your children safe so they can enjoy it in safe surroundings. It also gives you peace of mind to know they are safe too.

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