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New Year's resolutions

A New Year is upon us and just like every year a list of New Year's resolutions abound that we all intend to stick to. Whether itís the usual resolutions of joining a health fitness club, giving up smoking or promising yourself that you will dust off your bike to ride it more, sooner or later that list gets smaller and smaller.

Instead of trying to stick to your whole list of resolutions, why not stick to just one. That way you wonít feel as overwhelmed as you try to attempt each and every one. One New Yearís resolution that many people will want to stick to is exercising and spending more time outside.

After the Christmas holidays it is very easy to remain in that frame of mind to take it easy which will only lead a person to become depressed and unhappy with themselves. A great way of fending of those winter blues is to step outside to do some exercise. Not only will you be getting plenty of fresh air that will quickly revive you it will give you the boost in life that you need.

When you go for a brisk walk outside or undertake a jog around the block then not only are you getting rid of any Christmas weight you may have gained, you will also be improving on your health in the process.

Of course, in order to maintain your safety while outside, remember that you should carry a form of protection with you at all times. This way you can take pleasure in your outdoor activities knowing that you are safe at all times regardless of where you go.

An ideal safety device to carry with you is a personal alarm. This can easily be attached on your wrist while jogging or walking which means that should you need to employ it for your defense you can do so quickly and effectively. There are many types of personal alarms on the market, so finding one for your defense should not be too hard.

Getting outside is also a great way to bond with others who join you. It is a great way for you to discover new parts of your area that you may not have previously known about. At this time of the year, as many people go about exercising to regain their health after eating all those mince pies, it is important to remember your safety as well as you discover the great outdoors.

2011 is all about new beginnings and new exciting challenges, so start yours off right by getting outside more and enjoying the natural beauty that is all around us. There is nothing quite so invigorating as being outside and while one of your New Year's resolutions may be to exercise more outside just by carrying a personal alarm you can enjoy it that much more.

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